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Gardener and Psychotherapist

I grew up in a family of keen gardeners, starting with my great grandmother who was still gardening two acres in her mid 80s.


During the early 1990s I spent four month in Kyoto, Japan. The experience had a profound impact on me. My gardening style is very much influenced by the cloistered temple gardens of Japan with their merging of inside and out. Where the garden is a space for reflection and meditation.

When I moved to Field House the beautiful glass and brick extension by Adams + Collingwood had recently been completed. The garden remained untouched and provided a perfect blank canvass. Given the rectangular shape of the garden I opted for a paradise garden to complement the modern extension.


The 'Chahar Bagh' or paradise garden has a pool at its centre with four water channels flowing in the cardinal directions. The design and layout is often attributed to the description of paradise in the Koran.


As a psychotherapist I am interested in the healing properties of gardens. I spent six years researching openness in psychotherapy for my DPsych.  More details on my professional profile.


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